Quarter Final – where are the VAR’s

The straight red card in the 78th minute to Swiss Midfielder Freuler by the english referee “Oliver” changed the flow of the game completely. Based on the UEFA VAR-rules, the VAR actually has the option to change Yellow to Red – that would have been the better option in my opinion. The VIDEO-VAR still could have decided ‘red’ after the main referee shows a yellow for the defensive foul, which was not given from my perspective. It was a clear ‘foul’ but not against the player as it was a regular fight for the ball.

Why aren’t the Video referees not able to tune in and make the necessary changes? The very first decision against Switzerland in history was by the Video-VAR – now when you need ’em – they are not showing up.

Hopefully the referee will enjoy his lifelong vacation at the beaches in Spain.

Playing 10 against 12 isn’t fun anymore.

If you disagree – please comment below.

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